What’s in the Current Issue of ECLIPSE Astro-Newsletter?

Keyhole Nebula NASA {{PD}}

Keyhole Nebula NASA {{PD}}

It’s Another Double Issue! Articles on Natal Moon in the 1st House, Lewy Body Dementia, The Viewpoint from the 12th, and the Forecast Through 6 December, including the Full Moon! Subscribe Now and Have Your Copy of ‘Vesta in the Natal Chart’ automatically Reserved!

Celebrating our 5th Year! Get the Weekly Aspect Digest for the coming week sent to your email, featuring commentary on ongoing configurations, selected ingresses and egresses, and articles on people in the news and astrological theory and practice, as well as the Daily Word, sent 1 day ahead, with the detailed aspect-by-aspect and Lunar forecast using the common planets and lights, and asteroids Sedna, Chiron, Pallas, Juno, Vesta, Ceres, Black Moon Lilith, and Zeus, and including the Daily Image, a word picture to use for synchronicity and guidance.

 NOW Order ECLIPSE and receive a subscription period that runs all the way to the end, 1 July 2015! That’s less than $6 per month! Please allow up to 12 hours after payment for delivery of your first PDF via email.

All ECLIPSE Subscriptions include both the Weekly (articles, commentary, reviews, and the aspect outlook for the week ahead) and the Daily (aspect and Lunar forecast for the next day, plus the Daily Image, a word picture to use for synchronicity or guidance)

The final 6 Months of ECLIPSE features a FREE copy of the New book, ‘Vesta in the Natal Chart’!

ECLIPSE Subscriptions are perfect for those: at an intermediate or higher level of Astro knowledge; interested in learning more about how to read charts, understand aspects, and anticipate transits; looking for succinct and clear explanations of current prevailing influences, as well as direct guidance in how to handle them; interested in seeing cultural, social, scientific, and political events and advancements through an astrological lens; interested in Self-development and spiritual matters.

ECLIPSE is NOT for: beginners; those not looking for a consistent source of guidance/ reference; those who are not interested in investigating their own chart (would rather have a personal reading, though there are a number of brief, limited readings included in ECLIPSE subscription); those who are not interested in how astrology applies to world matters, cultural matters, or historical ones; those interested only at a Sun sign and simple placements/ aspects level (there’s nothing wrong with this level of interest, ECLIPSE is just written in a more detail-oriented way); those who love drama! I write with the idea there’s nothing we can’t handle, and little that hasn’t been seen many times before–these are challenging times, but not end times, in my view; those who want lots of verbiage for their dollar–I make a big effort to present what we need to know to operate most effectively each and every day as crisply as possible, and don’t want to waste your time or mine muddying the waters.

And a reader comments:

“WOW, This power-packed ECLIPSE has explained (not only) more than a few current situations, but life-long scenarios. Thank You so much for your creative, organized and clear messages.” Donna D.

$40 for 6 Months! That’s less than $7 per month!

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