Arnold Böcklin {{PD}}
Arnold Böcklin {{PD}}

“Vesta’s placement in the natal chart tells us what we find sacred in life, what is, without question, to be honored. She is a compass that points unerringly to our most revered values. The quality of the sacred with which the Vesta spirit is imbued makes it an indicator of and channel for the spiritual and for expression of the Soul’s intent. It’s the symbol of all we hold in highest regard, the things we’re willing to dedicate our life energies to, to protect, to harbor, and to sacrifice for, and it acts as a kind of internal beacon that recognizes ‘home’ in all its forms and guises; as well, Vesta tells us with what externals we want to merge–this can be through sex, or through some other dedication of energy, time, or attention, but it always reflects a spiritual unity, a choice to fuse the Soul with the spiritual essence represented by an ‘Other’. With Vesta we might modify the idea of ‘As above, so below,’ to ‘As in the spiritual realm, so in the physical one.'”


100 8.5 x 11 pages printed, just under 64,000 wds. Offering 49 examples of Vesta in individual lives, in interactions, and in events

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ISBN 0-9658369-4-0

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