Moore ‘Pomegranates’

At last! A book that illuminates this major asteroid, long thought to be significant in describing the life partner. ‘Juno in the Natal Chart’ explains why the asteroid has completely different meanings for women and men, includes listings for Juno’s placement by House and sign in both male and female charts, addresses cross-chart contacts, and discusses Juno’s history in myth, her role in ancient cultures, and 0ffers examples of how she manifests in the charts and lives of real people.

Contents Include:  What Does Juno Want? / The Nature of Natal Juno: Empowerment from Within / The Formation of Juno Energies: the Female Point of View / The Birth of a Co-operative Arrangement: Juno/Hera and Jupiter/Zeus / What Juno Means to a Woman, and the 300 Year Honeymoon / Juno House Associations, and the Empowerment Role Within Partnership / Juno as a Social Archetype / Juno’s Symbols / Juno’s Historic Meanings / Juno in the Signs and Houses of a Woman’s Chart / Juno in the Signs and Houses of a Man’s Chart / Juno Interaction with Other Energies / Juno in Aspect, Within a Woman’s Natal Chart and Within a Man’s Natal Chart / Some examples: Juno in Action / Juno in Relationship / Synastry: Juno in Cross-Chart Aspect / Juno and Transits / Juno in Role Definition / Juno and Anger, Rage, and Vengeance / Attitudes Toward Power: Key Concepts PLUS an Internet Reprint: ‘Juno: of Dandies and Dictators’

102 pages, PDF, emailed to you within 12 hours of purchase, $13.95 USD

Purchase means you agree not to create multiple copies, or to re-sell, share, or transmit copyrighted material in any form
ISBN-10: 0965836932

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