CHIRON IN THE NATAL CHART & 2012 The Elevation of Chiron


In ‘Chiron in the Natal Chart’ Julie has condensed her knowledge of the maverick asteroid into easy to understand astrological lessons, with empowerment of the reader as the goal. Presented simply, but not simplistic in concept, ‘Chiron in the Natal Chart’ emphasizes defining Chiron’s role in your life. Succinct yet thorough, and featuring essential Chiron knowledge, Archetype relationships, and symbolisms, ‘Chiron in the Natal Chart’ includes exercises and a short workbook section designed to help the reader delineate the very unique and personal meaning of their own Chiron placement.

ISBN-10: 0965836913

Buy CHIRON IN THE NATAL CHART in Pdf form, emailed to you! Includes workbook with in-fillable answer fields that can be saved. Use the book on your computer or print it out. Purchase means you agree not to create multiple copies, or to re-sell, share, or transmit copyrighted material in any form. 61  8.5×11  pages when printed out. $8.95 allow up to 12 hours after purchase for receipt of your pdf-thank you!

NEW! 2012 ‘The Elevation of Chiron’ is a supplement to CHIRON IN THE NATAL CHART about change with Chiron’s energy in the all-important ‘shift’ year of 2012. 6 pages, PDF $.95

Or Buy Them Together! for only $9.50

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