‘The Astrology of Intimate Relationship’ explores the astrology particular to our most personal and sensitive interaction, the relationship we share with our mate. Explore the roles of asteroids Amor, Sappho, Eros, Vesta, Juno, and Chiron in interaction, fathom why we may be attracted to one kind of person yet partner with another, and understand your own and your partner’s desires and motivations through examples, explanations based on Julie’s experiences from 20 years in professional practice, and by questions in a workbook format you can answer based on your own life and chart. Informative and nuanced, Julie’s work divulges methods for cross-chart delineations that are both clear and effective, illustrated by real-life examples of the famous and infamous in relationship. ‘The Astrology of Intimate Relationship’ is equally accessible to straight and same-sex couples, and sheds light on human intimacy in a way that can illuminate the most individual and private interaction we can know.

Great guide to the astrology of couples/synastry, May 10, 2008
A customer from Los Angeles, CA reviews the book:

“Not for beginners, but this is a thoughtful and detailed guide to understanding natal aspects in synastry. Also features invaluable descriptions of the asteroids and how they work both in the individual chart and in relation to your partner’s chart. Not quite a reference book, but more a tool to help you analyze and understand the complicated business of cross-chart aspects on your own. A very psychologically astute, subtle and thorough analysis of the subject.”

Buy THE ASTROLOGY OF INTIMATE RELATIONSHIP in Pdf form, emailed to you! Includes workbook with in-fillable answer fields that can be saved. Use the book on your computer or print it out. Purchase means you agree not to create multiple copies, or to re-sell, share, or transmit copyrighted material in any form. 193 8.5×11 pages when printed out $12.95

ISBN-10: 0965836924

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