Annibale Carracci_-_Jupiter_et_Junon

At last! A book on this major asteroid that covers natal meaning for both women and men, and includes synastry for Juno with all major bodies–contents include:

What Does Juno Want? / The Nature of Natal Juno: Empowerment from Within / The Formation of Juno Energies: the Female Point of View / The Birth of a Co-operative Arrangement: Juno/Hera and Jupiter/Zeus / What Juno Means to a Woman, and the 300 Year Honeymoon / Juno House Associations, and the Empowerment Role Within Partnership / Juno as a Social Archetype / Juno’s Symbols / Juno’s Historic Meanings / Juno in the Signs and Houses of a Woman’s Chart / Juno in the Signs and Houses of a Man’s Chart / Juno Interaction with Other Energies / Juno in Aspect, Within a Woman’s Natal Chart and Within a Man’s Natal Chart / Some examples: Juno in Action / Juno in Relationship / Synastry: Juno in Cross-Chart Aspect / Juno and Transits / Juno in Role Definition / Juno and Anger, Rage, and Vengeance / Attitudes Toward Power: Key Concepts PLUS an Internet Reprint: ‘Juno: of Dandies and Dictators’

102 pages, PDF, emailed to you within 12 hours of purchase, $13.95 USD

Purchase means you agree not to create multiple copies, or to re-sell, share, or transmit copyrighted material in any form

ISBN-10: 0965836932

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